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Stage Mums is a comedy series which takes a tongue in cheek look at the lives of two stage mothers. Think Kath and Kim meets Dance Moms then throw in some Absolutely Fabulous and  you have Stage Mums.


Stage Mums:The Beginning is 8 x 7 min episodes. It premiered at the New York Webfest and then aired on Network 10 in Australia.

Stage Mums the long form series of 8 x 22 min episodes, is currently in pre production and is written by Anna Waters-Massey and her daughter Cleo Massey.




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Stage Mums creator and writers Anna Waters-Massey and Cleo Massey

Produced by Sundayarvo Productions in association with OZPIX Entertainment

Anna Waters-Massey, Cleo Massey and Stephen Massey

The Massey family form Sundayarvo Productions, the force behind Stage Mums and a number of successful short films and animations. Anna is a writer, actor, voice over artist and vocalist.  Stephen is an ideas man, animator and musician. Cleo is a successful actor (H20:Just Add Water, Bureau of Magical Things) and writer. Both Anna’s children have had success in the film/TV industry and it is these life experiences which have created the storylines she has created for Stage Mums. Anna’s strength in writing, is creating lovable characters that the audience can relate to. Cleo brings her youthful perspective to the writing team to round out the characters and storylines.

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