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Stage Mums is a comedy web series which takes a tongue in cheek look at the lives of two stage mothers. Think Kath and Kim meets Dance Moms then throw in some Absolutely Fabulous and then you have Stage Mums.


Shaz and Trace are besties with ‘super talented, triple threat’ teenage daughters, Shenaya and Abcde. They are bogan, Aussie Stage Mums who tackle all the important issues: pretentious kids, obnoxious parents, eisteddfods, social media, dodgy castings and Sav Blanc. In a world full of wannabes, where everyone wants to be famous, these Mums will go to any lengths to give their daughters opportunities to showcase their ‘amazing talents’,  most of which don’t work out exactly as planned.  






Produced by Sundayarvo Productions in association with OZPIX Entertainment

Anna Waters-Massey Writer/producer/actor

Stephen Massey Producer/actor

This husband and wife team form Sundayarvo Productions, the force behind Stage Mums and a number of successful short films. Anna is an actor, voice over artist (voice of the station for the GC lightrail) and vocalist. She is a Performing Arts teacher, and has written a book of scripts for children and a number of short films. Both Anna’s children have had success in the film/TV industry and it is these life experiences which have created the storylines she has created for Stage Mums. Anna’s strength in writing, is creating lovable characters that the audience can relate to.  Stephen captured the comedy on camera in the proof of concept series 'Shaz and Trace' and edited the finished product. He has also been roped into appearing on screen in a couple of episodes, heavily disguised of course.

Kris Maric from OZPIX Entertainment joined the Sundayarvo  team as Producer to help bring Stage Mums to fruition. 


The Characters

Shaz Dicker first met Trace Grogan, ten years ago when they backed into each other in the carpark outside their girls’ dance school. Shaz is married to Jase, a plumber, who works hard so they can live in a nice house in the Gold Coast suburbs and send Shenaya, their daughter to all her performance classes. Trace on the other hand is a single mum who scrapes together tuition fees for her daughter Abcde. Trace is on the hunt for a man.

The bane of Shaz and Trace’s life is Amanda Kingsford-Smythe and her spoilt daughter Penelope Elizabeth. This mother daughter team seem to beat Shaz and Trace at every turn; finding out about castings before them, beating them in eisteddfods, getting sponsorship deals and the best dance partners.

Who the?

Stage Mums creator Anna Waters-Massey

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Shaz & Trace are available for events as MCs, hosts and as experts on all things fabulous!

If you'd like to book them for your next event, reach out and say G'day.

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