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Gerry Connolly

Amanda Kingsford-Smythe

 Director Louise Alston with the lead cast

Cleo Massey - Shenaya Dicker

Anna Waters-Massey - Shaz Dicker

Tara Page - Trace Grogan

Samantha Pearce - Abcde Grogan

Stage Mums Special Guests

Brooke Lee

Penelope Elizabeth Kingsford- Smythe

Kurt Coleman

as himself

Tracie Filmer


Christine Milo


Stage Mums Crew

Director - Louise Alston 

Producer - Kris Maric

Producer - Amie Casey

DOP - Andrew Conder

Editor - Roberto Merlini

Stage Mums Supporting Cast

Stephen Massey - Jase / Stove Masterpipe

Madison Haley - Amy

Mikey Wulff - Billy Nash

Daran Thomson - Marco Poolio

Deborah Coulls - Jennifer Randall

Jessica Green - Casting Assistant

Korey Williams - Security Guard Bill

Dawn China - Showcase Official

Damion Hunter - Stage Dad

Brady Mayer - The Captain

Tom Cramsie - Casting Director Ben

Renarta Azzopardi - Amy's Mum

Carolyn Dante - Stage Mother

Charlotte Hoffman - 3rd AD

Michael Elliss - Concerned Parent

Kaylea Caulfield - Young Trace Grogan

Noah Schlagecke - Young Amanda Kingsford-Smythe

Luke Dempsey-Ceh - Liam

For a full list of cast and crew visit our IMDB page here

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