Anna Waters-Massey

Creator, Producer, Writer

Plays the roles of Shaz Dicker & Annasthesia Waterbomb


Coming from a large family of performers, with 6 brothers, taught Anna from a young age how to stand out in a crowd and she has been doing it ever since. The ultimate triple threat, Anna sings, acts and does interpretive dance (no one is ever quite sure what she interprets, but it’s a sight to behold). After failing at her dream to be on Young Talent Time, Anna studied hard, got a Drama degree, sang her way round pubs and eventually had a couple of triple threat kids herself. Actually, you’d call them quadruple threats as they look shit hot too. Anna’s sense of humour and love of people watching, usually from a café with coffee in hand, have led her to create a variety of characters through her voice over work and acting. Clearly, bringing up her own super talented children and teaching kids Performing Arts, has led to a ridiculously believable portrayal of Shaz in Stage Mums.

Stephen Massey


Plays the roles of Jase Dicker & Stove Masterpipe


Stephen never wanted to have anything to do with this project, but unfortunately being married to Anna, he had no choice. This muso (well drummer really…) turned filmmaker is actually a bit of a smarty pants when it comes to being creative. He says he hates performing, but those who witnessed his manic versions of YMCA and Love Shack in pub bands and the way he threw himself into effeminate characters in Cabaret know the truth. Like his wife, Stephen (Soy) came from a family of performers so there was little hope really that he would be content in a 9 to 5 desk job. While most of Soy’s work is behind the camera in Stage Mums, he is the not so reluctant actor of a few cameo roles which have become audience favourites.

Cleo Massey

Assistant Producer

Plays the role of Shenaya Dicker


Cleo got roped into Stage Mums by default. Her parents Anna and Stephen turned the house into a film set, so the quickest way to get her home back to normal was to help them direct the action and speed the filming process up. Cleo's extensive acting experience started at the age of 5 when she was a ragged urchin on Beastmaster. Once it became apparent that she could get lolly money for dressing up and having fun, there was no stopping her. Cleo's four year role on H2O Just add Water and various other projects gave her all the experience she needed to boss her parents around on the set of Stage Mums. Needless to say, she has taken on the role of Director with a little too much glee!

Season 3 sees Cleo step in front of the camera to take on the role of Shenaya Dicker. It was a no brainer really to have her play daughter to her real life mother's character, Shaz.

Tara Page

Plays the role of Trace Grogan


Tara has been doing her very best not to take life seriously for the past 30-something years.  She has been indulging in her passion – herself/acting since she can remember. Her first performances involved lip synching to Marcia Hines tunes and producing large scale productions (10c admission to witness Tara barreling around the living room parroting the latest pop song  in an ungainly fashion in an attempt to entertain) for friends and family as a young child.  Tara has graduated from the living room to the small screen with a degree in acting, and many forays into the theatre, from Shakespeare to a touring comedy production.  There are few places she’ll not go to for the sake of a laugh, eschewing all dignity and pride in the name of entertaining others, and loving every minute of it.  Tara is relishing the experience to be involved with Stage Mums, and slips into the role of Trace Grogan with just a tad too much ease.  There may be more similarities between Trace and Tara than she is willing to admit.


Samantha Pearce

Plays the role of Abcde Grogan

After searching extensively for someone who physically matched Tara (Trace) and could mimic her personality and facial expressions, Sam joined the cast to play the role of Abcde. It's amazing how easily she embraced her inner bogan to bring Abcde to life. Sam has been acting since the age of four when she forced her parents to watch her and her siblings shockingly bad Christmas shows every year. Being extremely resourceful she soon learnt that being on set combined her two great loves: creativity and food. Sam has propelled her way through many acting projects including features, shorts and TVCs, flexing her creative muscles and scoring the catering in her little black book. FYI Stage Mums catering rated a full 5 stars! Having a diploma in makeup has ensured that if there are no acting roles suitable, she can always eat her way onto another project by making people look pretty. 

 Director Louise Alston with the lead cast

Stage Mums Special Guests

Gerry Connolly

Amanda Kingsford-Smythe

Brooke Lee

Penelope Elizabeth Kingsford- Smythe

Kurt Coleman

as himself

Stage Mums Supporting Cast

Madison Haley - Amy

Mikey Wulff - Billy Nash

Daran Thomson - Marco Poolio

Deborah Coulls - Jennifer Randall

Jessica Green - Casting Assistant

Korey Williams - Security Guard Bill

Dawn China - Showcase Official

Damion Hunter - Stage Dad

Brady Mayer - The Captain

Tom Cramsie - Casting Director Ben

Renarta Azzopardi - Amy's Mum

Carolyn Dante - Stage Mother

Charlotte Hoffman - 3rd AD

Michael Elliss - Concerned Parent

Kaylea Caulfield - Young Trace Grogan

Noah Schlagecke - Young Amanda Kingsford-Smythe

Luke Dempsey-Ceh - Liam

Tracie Filmer


Christine Milo


Shaz and Trace Supporting Cast

Dean Mayer - Charles M Tosser

Deborah Coulls - Jennifer Randall

Tracie Filmer - Tamara

Libby Bancroft - Lisa

Cheree Palmisano - Marie

Becki Bradley - Jackie

Tristan Behenna - Eddy Shyster